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Download the Student Checklist Template that is designed specifically to assist students in forming good educational habits. The student along with a parent or teacher (if needed), will be able to create their own checklist. This template will make a student’s life easier while having the ability to keep track of what needs to be accomplished and they’ll be able to check off what they have completed.

Where most student checklists only work Monday through Friday, this one is a seven day checklist. We all know that students are being loaded with extensive homework assignments and projects that require in school and home work to reach completion. Even weekends, in many cases will be required for students to remain caught up.

How To Write

Step 1 – Section 1 – Subject

  • Begin by placing in the “subject” column any subject that must be monitored. These don’t only need to be subjects regarding school work, but may also be music lessons and practice, sports, tutoring sessions, anything extra-curricular.

Step 2 – Section 2 – Days of The Week Columns

  • Once you have placed your “subjects” into the checklist, you will need to place what days will require attention to specific subjects i.e.; If you have an English project that will be due, you may wish to work on the project Monday and Tuesday so that you will be able to complete the project before it’s due on Friday.
  • Place that information into Monday and Tuesday and on Friday “English Project Due” so you will remember to organize it and have it into your book bag on Thursday evening.

Step 3 – Section 3 – Comments

  • This box may be used for special instructions or to remind yourself of out of the ordinary assignments, appointments, sessions or whatever is needed, so that you will be able to incorporate the additional activities into your regular schedule