Loan Agreement Templates

A loan agreement is a written document that sets the terms of money or personal property that is to be borrowed by someone else for a period of time. The borrower is given the full sum of the loan on the first (1st) on the day of commencement and must pay back the lender along with any interest stated. The interest is usually computed as a yearly percentage (also referred as an APR).

Unsecured Loans – Most standard loans are ‘unsecured’. This means that if the borrower does not pay back the lender then the lender will have to take the borrower to small claims in order to court order for the borrower to pay back the money.

Secured Loans – If the borrower is considered a high-risk then the lender may want to request an asset that will be in the lender’s possession if the debt is not paid. This type of loan is most commonly used in pawn shops.