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Download the House Cleaning Checklist Template that has been created to assist in keeping a clean and organized home. It’s designed to do some cleaning daily, weekly and for chores that require less attention, there is even a monthly schedule. This can be used for a house or an apartment.

How To Write

Step 1 – Section 1 – Daily

  • Although these lists make look overwhelming, if these lists are followed faithfully, the daily chores will take so little time. Each block shows various daily cleaning that will keep your home healthy
  • Kitchen- Check each chore once it’s complete
  • Bathroom – Check each chore once it’s complete
  • Bedrooms – Check each chore once it’s complete
  • Living/Family Rooms – Check each chore once it’s complete
  • Home Office – Check each chore once it’s complete
  • Laundry/Utility Room – Check each chore once it’s complete
  • Entryway/Porch – Check each chore once it’s complete

Step 2 – Section 2 – Weekly-

  • This section is a bit more detailed, however it can be done on a day off and integrated into your daily routine.
  • Kitchen – Scrub sinks – wipe up refrigerator spills – dispose of old food
  • Bathroom – Mop, disinfect counters, shake rugs, clean toilet
  • Living/Family Room- Dust, vacuum, straighten books etc
  • Home Office – File papers, dust, vacuum
  • Laundry – Wipe down appliances, dust, wash bedding etc
  • Entryway/Porch – Sweep entry and steps

Step 3 – Section 3 – Monthly Cleaning

As you will see with your list, in doing the monthly cleaning in each room it is much more of a deep cleaning.  If you have older children a spouse or even a room mate, you  may wish to delegate chores for each. Once the chore has been completed, check it off of your list until the list is complete