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Download this Simple Balance Sheet Template that could be used for personal or business. It is a very simple format to help keep understanding balances simple and fast to fill in. It also provides a very quick overview without extensive deciphering.

How To Write

Step 1 – Current Assets –

  • Enter the amounts for the following and then calculate and enter the total to the right:
  • Cash
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Inventory

Step 2 – Total Current Assets, Property and Equipment

  • Enter all amounts for the various assets below. Once you have entered the amounts, calculate them and enter them on the line to the right:
  • Land and Building
  • Fixtures and Equipment
  • Vehicles
  • Less Accumulated Dep.

Step 3 – Net Fixed Assets and Other Assets –

  • Enter the two items below. calculate and enter total to the right:
  • License
  • Goodwill

Step 4 – Total Assets and Current Liability –

  • Most of this section is information regarding liabilities. Enter the required information, calculate accordingly and enter the total in the line to the right:
  • Notes Payable (1 year)
  • Accounts Payable
  • Accrued Expenses
  • Taxes Owed
  • Long Term Dept. – Enter the current amount for this line

Step 5 – Long Term Debt –

  • This would be a total amount or if you itemize you may require a separate sheet to do so. Calculate and place the totals in the line to the right.  If you have no loans, simple enter N/A:
  • Loans

Step 6 – Enter Total Liabilities

Step 7 – Stockholder’s Equity –

  • Enter the following:
  • Capitol Stock
  • Paid In Capitol
  • Retained Earnings
  • Calculate these figures and place them in the line to the right

Step 8 – Total Liabilities and Net Worth

  • Look to the far right where you will see all of the current totals and add them
  • Enter the total amount of all of the totals on the page and you will have acquired your total liabilities and net worth figure