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Download a special warranty deed which allows a property to be transferred to someone else in exchange for trade. This type of deed guarantees to the new owner any title defects that may have risen during the period which they owned the real estate. The seller is not liable for any defects to the premises from prior owners.

How to Write

Enter the following after downloading the document:

Step 1 – Intro

  • Deed Preparer
  • Deed to be Returned to

Step 2 – Enter the Parcel ID Number

Step 3 – Enter the Date of Deed Creation

Step 4 – Grantor and Grantee Information:

  • Grantor’s Name and Address
  • Grantee’s Name and Address

Step 5 – Enter the Purchase Price of the Property.

Step 6 – Enter the County and State where the land is located. In addition a Description should be written that includes the Tax Map/Lot and any dimensions and/or size of the property.

Step 7 – The Grantor is the only individual that is obligated to sign the form and it must be witnessed by two (2) persons or a notary public.