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Download a quitclaim deed form that allows a seller to transfer their ownership interest to a qualified buyer with no warranties or guarantees to the history of the title. This form is usually signed and delivered at the closing of a real estate transaction after a purchase and sale agreement has been agreed to and all funds/trade for the property has been delivered. This document should then be filed at the proper government office, usually at the county registry of deeds, and once submitted the real estate has been successfully converted to the new owner.

How to Write

Download the document and complete as follows

Step 1 – Enter the parties’ information:

  • Grantor’s Name and Address
  • Grantee’s Name and Address

Step 2 – Witnesseth

  • Purchase Price
  • County, State of property

Step 3 – Enter the property description. This should include the address along with the tax map/lot number and any legal descriptions about the real estate.

Step 4 – The grantor should sign the deed in the presence of either two (2) witnesses or a notary public (recommended).