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DOWNLOAD this Nevada Promissory Note Form setting forth a contract whereby money is lent by a lender to a borrower for a period of time determined by the parties.  The lender and borrower may also decide on the interest to be charged pursuant to Nebraska’s law and whether the loan will be secured or not.  There is no penalty for the early repayment of the loan and the borrower and lender may decide whether paymets will be made on a regular basis or in one lump sum.


Nevada law states as follows:  “parties may agree for the payment of any rate of interest on money due or to become due on any contract, for the compounding of interest if they choose, and for any other charges or fees. The parties shall specify in writing the rate upon which they agree, that interest is to be compounded if so agreed, and any other charges or fees to which they have agreed.”  NV ST 99.050