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Download the Alaska tax power of attorney, otherwise known as ‘Form 775’, is used for an individual or entity to elect someone else, known as the ‘Attorney-in-Fact’, to handle their tax related affairs with the Alaska Dept. of Revenue. The person chosen is usually a tax professional/preparer. The form is downloadable in a fillable Adobe PDF format.

Powers Covered

  • The powers that the principal may grant to the attorney-in-fact are as follows:
  • To represent the taxpayer in administrative proceedings.
  • To receive, but not to endorse and collect, checks in payment of any refund of Alaska Department of Revenue taxes, penalties, or interest.
  • To execute waivers (including offers of waivers) of restrictions on assessment or collection of deficiencies in tax and waivers of notice of disallowance of a claim for credit or refund.
  • To execute consents extending the statutory period for assessment or collection of taxes.
  • To execute closing agreements and stipulations.
  • To delegate authority or to substitute another representative.

The principal can strike out any of the options they do not wish to have their elected agent handle. The document is typically filed with any tax filing.