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The Florida tax power of attorney form, also known as ‘Form DR-835’, is provided by the Department of Revenue in order to allow an individual or business to assign a third (3rd) party to handle any and all of their tax related filings. The representative is usually a professional tax preparer or at least has some knowledge of handling the taxes of the principal. The form must follow 28-106.107 (Standards of Conduct for Qualified Representatives) and once complete it should be signed by the principal and agent.

How to Write

Step 1Download the Form.

Step 2 – In the first section (Part 1) the principal will need to list all their information.

Step 3 – In the second (2nd) section write the name and address of the representative(s) along with their phone number, fax number, and cell phone number.

Step 4 – In Section 3 write the tax matters that the agent will be able to handle along with the time period they are allowed to act in their behalf.

Step 5 – In section 4 write down the Reemployment tax agent, formerly known as the unemployment tax agent, in this field.

Step 6 – In section 5 list all Acts Authorized by the agents.

Step 7 – List the available Notices and Communication availabilities. (Check boxes)

Step 8 – In section 7 click the non-revocation and prior power of attorney disclosure.

Step 9 – In section 8 list the taxpayers will need to sign and date. In the following section the agent must sign and include their designation and jurisdiction.