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The Florida special power of attorney form allows for a principal to grant specific limited actions on their account in order for them to represent their best interests. The specific details may be anything from purchasing real estate on someone else’s behalf to picking up mail from a PO Box. The power may be anything that is legal under State law (Chapter 706) and once the document has been signed with at least two (2) witnesses the form is legal for use.

How to Write

Step 1 – Download the Form.

Step 2 – Open the form or print out to begin writing in the personal details about who will be the principal and agent.

Step 3 – After filling in the form with the principal and agent details the specific acts must be stated that the agent may have. It can be for a limited role or for a specific time with an expiration date on when the powers are no longer valid.

Step 4 – After the form has been completed the principal, not the agent, has to the the document wih at least two (2) witnesses.