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The Florida durable financial power of attorney form, pursuant to § 709.2104, allows a principal to hand over to the agent certain monetary rights. These rights under the ‘Durable’ provision in the State law allow for the agent to remain to make financial decisions if the principal should become incapacitated. The person selected should have an idea of the business the principal is involved with and they are not to be paid for providing these services to the principal.

Required to be signed in the presence of a notary public and two (2) witnesses (§ 709.2105(2)).

How to Write

Step 1Download the Form.

Step 2 – Fill-in the blanks by starting with the principal’s name and address. Then the agent’s name and address is to be inputted.

Step 3 – Select the powers to grant to the agent by the principal’s initial.

Step 4 – (Optional) Grant special restrictions or notes to the agent.

Step 5 – (Optional) Name a Successor Agent.

Step 6 – Signature Area followed by the Statement of Witness, Notary Public Acknowledgment, Acknowledgment of Agent, Affidavit of Agent, and the Affidavit of Physician.

When carrying out any actions on behalf of the principal the agent should always carry a copy of this form in case it must be shown to any authorities.