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Download the Alabama domestic business entity name reservation form, also known as the ‘request form’, allows for an individual to apply and have a name secured for a period of up to one-hundred and twenty (120) days according to statute Section 10A-1-5.11. The filing fee of $10,or $25 to be expedited, to  should be attached to the document and made payable to the Alabama Secretary of State. The form and fee should be sent to the following address: PO Box 5616, Montgomery, AL 36103.

Online Filing

An individual may also process the name reservation in real-time by going to This WebPage and either:

  • Signing Up – Register for an account with the Secretary of State and process the name reservation for a lesser fee.
  • Continue as Non-Subscriber – Apply for the name as a non-subscriber.
  • Subscriber Login – Login to your account and process the reservation.


Searching Names

To search a name to make sure that it is available go to This WebPage and enter the name of the entity. After entering if you find that there is a similar name then you may have to choose another. If not, use the name and apply for it to be reserved.




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