Kansas Living Trust Forms

Download the Kansas living trust which is a way in which you can, as the grantor, transfer asseets to your chosen beneficiaries in a way and manner of your choosing.  It provides flexibility for you to direct the assets to be distributed at certain times or in certain ways that you deem most beneficial to your beneficiaries.  For instance, as the grantor, you can choose to have the funds distributed only after a beneficiary reaches a certain age or has completed a certain level of education.  Or you can direct that the funds be spent only on certain things like education, down payment on a house etc.  The trustee you appoint is in charge of making sure the provisions you set forth in the trust are complied with.

Revocable vs Irrevocable – A revocable trust may be changed or revoked at any time while the grantor is alive and becomes irrevocable thereafter.  An irrevocable trust is not meant to be changed or terminated once it is created and executed without possibly incurring some tax or other consequences.