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Downlaod this Georgia Revocable Living Trust Form which allows a person, known as the grantor, to transfer property or assets into a separate legal entity for the benefit of the grantor’s chosen recipients or benefciaries.  This type of entity provides flexibility for a grantor to specify where, when, how and to whom the assets and property are distributed.  A grantor can choose, for instance, that some of the assets should be spent for the education of the beneficiary.  A grantor can decide that a beneficiary should be at least 25 before they receive a distribution.  These are just some of may options.  The grantor also chooses and administrator of the trust called a trustee.  The trustee must hold the assets and property in trust for the beneficiaries.

A revocable trust is a trust that can be revoked or changed during the life of a grantor.  When the grantor dies, it becomes irrevocable.