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Download the Alaska Revocable Living Trust form by which you, as the Grantor, can transfer certain assets you choose to a separate entity which is administered by a trustee.  You, as the grantor, choose who you want to be trustee and successor trustee.  You, as the Grantor can choose how and when and to whom you want your assets distributed.  For instance, some grantors decide that they want their beneficiaries to reach a certain age before they can have the assets outright.  Other grantors designate that the beneficiaries can receive the assets in the trust upon the death of the grantor.  Grantors will sometimes instruct the trustee to pay out certain amounts to the beneficiaries for certain costs, such as health, education and welfare even if they haven’t reached an age to receive the assets outright.  The trustee is obligated to follow the instructions set forth in the trust as to how and when the assets should be distributed.