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Download this Alaska Irrevocable Trust form in order for you, as the grantor, to transfer assets and property into a separate entity.  You, as the grantor, may designate who you want to administer the trust.  This person is called the trustee.  The trustee is obligated to administer the trust in the best interests of the beneficiaries until the trust is terminated.  You, as the grantor, may also determine how and when you want the assets of your trust distributed.  Sometimes a grantor will specify that the beneficiaries should only receive payouts for health, education and welfare until they reach a certain age of maturity.  Other times a grantor will specify that the entirety of the asets are distributable to the beneficiaries upon the grantor’s death.  Unlike a revocable trust, an irrevocable trust, once created, is not changeable or revocable and, if properly created, has the effect of moving assets out of the grantor’s taxable estate.