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The salon booth rental lease agreement allows an individual to rent space from a retail hair salon or a booth in a spa on a fixed or month-to-month basis. The hairstylist or barber will commonly pay a monthly amount to the owner at the beginning of the rental period. In addition, the lessor may charge a percentage of how much the person makes, usually the gross, during the term of lease.

How to Write

Enter the following to complete the agreement:

  • Introduction – Enter the Date, Name of the Owner, Street Address of the Salon, and the Lessee’s Name and Street Address.
  • Section 1 – Address of of the leased premises and square feet (xSF times xSF).
  • Section 2 – Term of the agreement.
  • Section 3 – Monthly Rental Amount.
  • Section 6 – Lessor’s Payment Address.
  • Section 7 – List of Equipment and Fixtures.
  • Section 13 – Default by Lessee
  • Governing Law – The State the salon is located.
  • Signature Area