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Download DA Form 67-9, also know as Officer Evaluation Report. This form is for official use only. It will be used to evaluate such aspects of an officer such as performance,  respect, loyalty, professionalism, among other aspects. An officer will also be considered for the possibility of promotion if eligible.

How To Fill-In

Step 1 – Part 1 – Administrative Data. This section will collect personal information with regard to the officer under evaluation. Fill in the following:

  • a. Name (Last, First, MI format)
  • b. Social Security Number
  • c. Rank
  • d. Year Of Rank (yyyy/mm/dd format)
  • e. Branch
  • f. Designated Specialties/PMOS (WO)
  • g.1. Unit, Org., Station, Zip Code Or APO, Major Command
  • g.2. Status Code
  • h. Reason For Submission
  • i. Period Covered – From And Thru (yyyy/mm/dd format)
  • j. Rated Months
  • k. Non-Rated Codes
  • m. Number of Encl.
  • n. UIC
  • o. CMD Code
  • p. PSB Code

Step 2 – Part ll  – Authentication. This section will provide personal information regarding each rater according to their respective level. Each rater will fill in the following blocks:

  • a. Name Of Rater (Last, First, MI format)
  • Social Security Number
  • Rank
  • Position
  • Signature
  • Date (yyyy/mm/dd format)
  • The Senior Rater’s Organization will complete the following blocks in Part ll
  • Senior Rater’s Organization
  • Branch
  • Senior Rater’s Telephone Number
  • Email Address (.gov or .mil)
  • d. This Is A Referred Report, Do You Wish To Make Comments? (yes or no) If “yes” attach report
  • e. Signature Of Rated Officer (this block is to be signed by the officer being rated)
  • Date (yyyy/mm/dd format)

Step 3 – Duty Description – These blocks would require that the rater or raters note responsibilities and duties of the officer being evaluated. Fill in the blocks in Part lll as follows:

  • a. Principal Duty Title
  • b. Position AOC/BR
  • c. Significant Duties And Responsibilities Refer To Part lVa. DA Form 67-9-1

Step 4 – Part lV – Performance Evaluation – Professionalism (Rater). In section lV a., the rater would read and respond to each block and answer in a yes or no fashion.

  • Character Disposition of the leader, combination of values, attributes and skills affecting leader actions
  • Part lV – Section a. Army Values (comments mandatory for all “NO” entries, use PART Vb.)
  • Part lV – Section b. – Leader Attributes/Skills/Actions – Begin by selecting “yes”/”no” for each block in this section. Choose a total of six that will best describe the rated officer. Choose one from b.1,”Attributes”, two from b.2.,”Skills”, three from b.3, “Actions.” Comments are optional in section Vb. and are MANDATORY for “no” selections.
  • Part lV- – Section c. – Rater would fill in:
  • APFT
  • Date (yyyy/mm/dd format)
  • Height
  • Weight
  • Part lV – Section d. – This “yes”/”no”/”NA” response is mandatory for raters of CPTs, LTs, CW2s, and WO1s.

Step 5 – Part V – Performance And Potential Evaluation (Rater) After considering the blocks above, the rater would then respond to sections a. through d. as follows:

  • a. Evaluate And Rate The Officer’s Performance During The Rating Period And His/Her Potential For Promotion (respond)
  • b. Comment On Specific Aspects Of The Performance, Refer To Part lll, DA Form 67-9, And lVa. And Part Vb., DA Form 67-9-1 (complete)
  • c. Comment On Potential Potential For Promotion (comment in block provided)
  • d. Identify Any Unique Professional Skills Or Areas Of Expertise Of Value To The Army That This Officer Possesses. For Army Competitive Category CPT, Also Indicate A Potential Career Field For Potential Service (place comments in the block provided)

Step 6 – Part Vl- Intermendiate Rater

  • After considering information provided by rater, intermediate rater must place comments in the block provided

Step 7 – Part Vll- Senior Rater – After consideration of the information provided by the other raters, the Senior Rater will read and respond accordingly to blocks a. through d.

  • a. Evaluate The Officer’s Promotion Potential To The Next Higher Grade (respond by placing an “X” in the appropriate box provided
  • b. Potential Compared With Officers Senior Rated In Same Grade
  • c. Comment On Performance/Potential (place comments in the block provided)
  • d. List Three Future Assignments For Which This Officer Is Best Suited. For Army Competitive Category Cpt., Also Indicate Potential Career Field For Future Service (place comments in the block provided)

These forms are fillable online or may be printed for manual use.