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Download the Verizon Job Application Form that has been made available by Verizon for those who may be seeking a career with this company. You must begin by reading all of the information provided prior to completing the application. Please note that by submitting this application, it is very possible that you may be considered for available positions in multiple Verizon Communications Companies unless otherwise specified.

How To Complete

Step 1 – Section 1 – Personal Information –

  • Name – Last, First, MI
  • SSN
  • Present Address- Number/Street. Apt/Floor Number
  • City, State, Zip
  • Daytime Telephone Number- Home/Work/Cell – check one
  • Evening Telephone Number- Home/Work/Cell – check one
  • Email Address is optional
  • Does this company have permission to contact you at your current employer? – check yes or no
  • Are you legally authorized to work in the United States? – check yes or no
  • Are you under the age of 18?- check yes or no
  • Will you now or in the future require sponsorship for employment visa status (ex: H-1B)?- check yes or no
  • What are your salary expectations? per hour or annual?
  • Indicate your work location/geographic preference:
  • Primary choice – City and State
  • Secondary choice – City and State
  • When will you be available to begin working?- check one
  • Type of Position Sought? – check one
  • Indicate the type of position desired – if known- check one
  • Were you ever an employee of Verizon or an affiliate company (i.e., former Bell Atlantic or GTE, Verizon Wireless, Verizon Business, etc)?- check yes or no
  • If yes – Name of Company
  • Last Salary
  • Job Title
  • Supervisor
  • Supervisor’s Location City and State
  • Dates Employed- From (mm/yy) – To (mm/yy)
  • Reason for Leaving

Step 2 – Section 2 – Education-

All formats for all levels of education provided with be identical as follows –

  • Name of School – City – State
  • Course of Study
  • GPA/Scale
  • Did you graduate? check yes or no
  • Highest High School Grade Completed- check one
  • GED- City, State of testing center
  • GED Agency Name

Step 3 – Section 3 – Work Experience –

Begin by placing your name and SSN at the top of the page in the appropriate boxes -List all employers for the past five (5) years,to include summer work. You may also list volunteer work. If unemployed during the 5-year period, list dates of unemployment. If self-employed, list dates and include clients that may be contacted for verification (space is provided at the end of this section). The entire five (5) year period must be accounted for. In addition, you may indicate if information on your work experience is available under a different name.

  • Name of Company
  • Complete Address
  • Supervisor name and phone number
  • Title/work duties
  • Dates employed From and To
  • Last Salary
  • Reason for leaving
  • Complete all past employment up to 5 years
  • If you are currently employed, may we contact your employer and/or supervisor to conduct a reference check?- check yes or no
  • If Yes – List name and phone number of individual to be contacted
  • If you’ve been self-employed, list clients reference and telephone numbers
  • Clients
  • Dates From and To
  • Telephone Number

Step 3 – Section 3- Military Service/Experience- No ROTC

  • Name – SSN
  • Date of Discharge (mm/dd/yy)
  • Branch of Service
  • Occupational Specialization
  • Grade/Rank at Discharge
  • Special/Technical Training
  • Special/Technical Training Dates of Attendance (From/To)
  • Type of Discharge (honorable, general, other than honorable)
  • Military Occupational Skill (MOS) Long Title
  • Are you fluent in a language other than English? ( optional)
  • Review the skills below to identify only those you possess. For those skills you possess, check the corresponding block to indicate your proficiency for that particular skill.
  • Indicate below any License(s) or Certificate(s) you possess. If you have a license/certificate that is not listed, mark the square for “Other” and print the name of License/Certificate in the space provided.
  • Do any of your relatives, members of your household, or persons with whom you have a close personal relationship work for Verizon? check yes or no
  • Have you previously applied for a job with Verizon (or the former Bell Atlantic or GTE or any of their subsidiaries)?- check yes or no
  • If yes – Date
  • Name of Company
  • City, State
  • Do you hold a Security Clearance for those positions that require it?- check yes or no- Provide the type of clearance that you have

Step 4 – Section 4 – Criminal Record-

If you are located in HI you do not have to complete this section – otherwise, read carefully all of the information in this section and answer any required questions –

  • Have you ever been convicted of, or are you awaiting trial disposition on a Felony, Misdemeanor or Summary Offense?- check yes or no
  • Are you currently on pretrial probation or conditional discharge or in an alternative rehabilitative program where you will be subject to trial if you do not successfully complete the probation or alternative rehabilitative program?- check yes or no
  • If you have answered either of the above questions you must provide the following information to be placed inside of the chart provided –
  • Nature of Offense
  • City/County/State
  • Docket Number
  • Conviction Date
  • Probation End Date
  • Sentence – If awaiting trial/disposition, or completion of pretrial probation or alternative rehabilitative program, give expected trial/disposition or completion of probation/program.

Step 5 – Section 5 – Driver’s License and Driving Record –

All Applicants are Required to Complete This Section –

  • List all Violations here (If you have no violations, state “none” in box 1
  • List all accidents within the past 3 years. Specify the date and nature of the accident (head-on, rear-end, etc.) and any fatalities or personal injuries caused. List by date of occurrence starting with the most recent accident, if any.
  • Do you hold a valid driver’s license?- check yes or no
  • License Number
  • Issuing State
  • Have you ever held a commercial driver’s license? – check yes or no
  • License Number
  • Issuing State
  • Have you held a commercial driving position in the past 3 years? – check yes or no
  • Indicate the nature/extent of your experience in the operation of motor vehicles, including class and type of equipment (i.e., vans, buses, trucks, truck tractors, semitrailers, full trailers and pole trailers). Include the length of time (start and end date) for each type of equipment.- Enter info in the box provided
  • Have you held a driver’s license in any other State during the past 3 years? – check yes or no
  • If yes – license number and state of issue
  • Have you ever had a license, permit or privilege to operate a motor vehicle denied, revoked or suspended?- check yes or no
  • List any Suspensions here – If you have no suspensions, state “none” in box 1

Step 6 – Section 6 – Understanding and Agreement –

  • Name
  • SSN
  • You must read and understand what you are signing in this section. As you begin to read, if you do not understand, be certain that the interviewer or manager answer your questions to your satisfaction. Once you understand, if you feel you agree with the terms provide
  • Applicant’s Signature
  • Date of Signature
  • If you reside in MD, be sure you understand the small box before signing