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Download the USPS Job Application Form that is available for anyone who may be interested in a career with the United States Postal Service. Simply complete the form and submit with any required supporting documents. Your application will be reviewed. If you are the candidate they are searching for, you will be contacted for further examination, testing and interviews.

How To Write

The gray section at the top of this form is for verification use only. Leave this section blank.

Step 1  Section 1 – General Information –

  • Provide the following information as required:
  • 1. Name (First, MI, Last)
  • 2. Social Security Number
  • 3. Home Telephone Number
  • 4. Mailing Adddress (Number, City, State, Zip Code)
  • 5. Date of Birth mm/dd/yyyy
  • 6. Work Telephone Number
  • 7. Place of Birth (City and State OR City and Country)
  • 8. . Kind of Job Applied for and Postal Facility Name & Location (City & State)
  • 9. Will You Accept: Temporary/Casual, non-career work? (Check yes or no)
  • 10. When Will You Be Available? (enter date in block)
  • 11. Are You Willing to Travel? (Complete only if you are applying for an executive or professional position – check yes or no)

Step 2 – Section 2 – Educational History –

Complete the information required as follows:

  • 1. Name and Location (city and state) of the last high school attended ( enter into the box provided)
  • 2. Are you a high school graduate? (answer the question by checking the appropriate box and supplying dates)
  • 3a. Name and Location of College or University (City, State, and ZIP Code if known. If you expect to graduate within 9 months, give month and year you expect degree.) Enter all of the required information in the rows of blocks provided
  • 3b.  Chief Undergraduate College Subjects – Enter all of the required information in the rows of blocks provided
  • 4. Major Field of Study at Highest Level of College Work- Answer the question in the space provided
  • 5. Other Schools or Training (i.e.; trade, vocational, armed forces, or business. For each, provide the following information –  Name, City, State, and ZIP Code, if known, of school; dates attended; subjects studied; number of classroom hours of instruction per week; certificates; and any other pertinent information you may have)
  • 6. Enter any Honors, Awards, and Fellowships You May Have Received in the space provided
  • 7. In the space provided enter any Special Qualifications and Skills  such as licenses; skills with machines, patents or inventions; publications – there is no reason to submit copies unless they are requested, any public speaking; memberships in professional or scientific societies, any typing or shorthand speed, etc.
  • Enter Name (First, MI, Last), Social Security Number, Date mm/dd/yyyy

Step 3 – Section 3 – Work History –

Begin with your present position and go back for 10 years or to your 16th birthday, whichever is the latter. Include volunteer work if you feel it offers a skill that would be good for your position with USPS. Account for periods of unemployment in separate blocks in order. Include any military service. Use blank sheets if you need more space. Include your name, social security number, and date on each additional, blank sheet.

  • Would the the US Postal Service have your permission to ask your current employer about your character, qualifications, and employment record? Answering “No” will not affect your consideration for employment. (check yes or no)
  • In this section provide the following information in each box and on any additional sheets as follows:
  • Dates of Employment (month and year)
  • From and To (the first block would be to the present
  • Exact position title and hours per week
  • Name of employer and complete mailing address
  • Grade if postal, Federal Service or military
  • Number and kind of employees supervised
  • Name of supervisor
  • Starting Salary/Earnings per – hour, salaried hours etc.
  • Present  Salary/Earnings per – hour, salaried hours etc.
  • Place of Employment (city and state)
  • Telephone number if known
  • Reason for wanting to leave
  • Provide a Description of Duties, Responsibilities, and Accomplishments

Complete each block exactly the same and do the same with added sheets

Step 4 – Section 4 – Veteran Preference –

Answer all blocks of this section – if there is a portion that does not apply to you, simply answer it with a “no”

  • 1. Have you ever served in active duty with the U.S. military? ( do not include tours of duty as training)
  • 2. Have you ever been discharged from the armed service under other than honorable conditions? You may omit any such discharge changed to honorable by a Discharge Review Board or similar authority. (If “Yes,” give details in Section F.)
  • 3. Do you claim 5-point preference based on active duty in the armed forces? (If your answer “Yes,” you will be required to furnish records to support this claim.)
  • 4. Do you claim a 10-point preference? If your answer is “Yes,” check the type of preference claimed and attach Standard Form 15, Claim for 10-Point Veteran Preference, together with proof that is called for in that form.
  • Check all boxes that apply
  • 5.  List for All Military Service: (Enter N/A if it doesn’t apply to you)
  • Date From and To
  • Serial or Service Number
  • Branch of service
  • Type of discharge
  • Take the time to read the information to include the Privacy Act Statement

Step 5 – Section 5 – Other information –

  • Place your name, social security, date at the top of the page
  • In this section, read and respond yes or no to all paragraphs contained
  • Leave any “reserved” area’s blank
  • Some of these questions may require more extensive answers, if so, use a separate sheet for each answer – if space needed is limited, use the space in section F

Step 6 – Certification

  • Read the certification. Once read, understood and agreed, provide your signature and the date of signature mm/dd/yyyy
  • Take the time to read the explanation of disclosure for further understanding of consequences of providing false information
  • Submit your application to the appropriate location in which you will be instructed