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Download the Journeys Job Application Form that is made available to welcome anyone seeking employment with Journeys to apply. This company encourages jobs for youth. Complete the application for consideration.

How To Write

Step 1 – Section 1 – Personal Information –

Provide the following personal information:

  • Date mm/dd/yyyy
  • Name – Last, First, Middle
  • Street Address
  • City, State, Zip Code
  • Telephone – Mobile/Work/Other
  • Email Address
  • Have you worked for a division of this company before? (check yes or no) If yes – provide dates From and To- Division/Location
  • Position Desired
  • Minimum Salary Required by applicant
  • Check any of the boxes that apply with regard to Full Time, Part Time, Seasonal

If you are under the age of 21, depending upon in what state you reside, you may be required to provide a work permit-

  • Are you at least 16 years of age? – check yes or no
  • In the small chart – specify what hours you would be available under each day of the week
  • Do you have any relatives with the company? If yes- provide name, division and location

Step 2 – Section 2 – Work Experience

List, in the 3 blocks provided, any previous experience. Begin with your current or most recent position and provide the following information in all three blocks –

  • Employer/Company
  • Starting Position and Salary
  • Address
  • Last Position and Salary
  • Phone
  • Supervisor Name and Title
  • Reason for Leaving
  • Dates of Employment – From and To

Step 3 – Section 3 – References

Provide two business or professional referrals. Do not list relatives: Provide the following about your references –

  • Name and Position
  • Address
  • Phone
  • How acquainted and how long have you been acquainted?

Step 4 – Section 4 – Education and Training –

  • In the rows inside the block provide the following:
  • Education
  • Location
  • Years Completed
  • Degree/ Diploma (yes or no)
  • Type of Course
  • Additional Information

Step 5 – Section 5 – Referral Source –

  • Choose one of the options and select

Step 6 – Section 6 – Additional Personal Inquiries:

  • Have you been convicted of a felony(check yes or no)
  • Have you been convicted of a misdemeanor related to theft or the misappropriation of fund? (check yes or no)
  • If either question above was answered “yes” – Explain on the line provided
  • California is not included- Have you been arrested for marijuana-related offenses in the last 2 years?

Step 7 – Section 7 – Permission to Work –

If hired, you will be required to provide proof of legal authorization and identity to work in the U.S.

  • Are you legally authorized for employment in the United States? (check yes or no)

Step 8 – Section 8 –  Applicant Statement – Certification and Authorization –

Read the information in the final block carefully and entirely. Once read, understood and if you agree:

  • Enter Date – mm/dd/yyyy
  • Enter signature of applicant
  • Submit application to management