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Download the Buffalo Wild Wings Job Application Form that is available for application for employment. Complete the application entirely. Take it to your local Buffalo Wild Wings for employment consideration.

How To Write

Step 1 – Section 1 – General Information –

Complete the following required information as follows:

  • Last Name
  • First Name
  • Middle
  • Current Address, Street, City, State, Zip Code
  • Day Phone
  • Evening Phone
  • Date
  • Have you ever applied with this company before?- check one – If yes, when and where?
  • Have you ever been employed by this company before?- If yes, where and when?
  • Are you authorized to work in the United States? – check yes or no
  • Are you 18 or older?- check yes or no
  • How were you referred to this company? – check on

Step 2 – Section 2 – Position Information –

  • Type of work desired
  • Salary Expected
  • Store location- Enter first and second choices
  • Applying for – check one
  • Specify days and hours available for work each day of the week
  • Would you travel? – check one
  • Would you relocate? – check one – if yes, list location preference

Step 3 – Section 3 – Education –

  • School
  • Number of Years Completed
  • Name and Address of School
  • GPA
  • Did you graduate? check yes or no
  • High School
  • Other

Step 4 – Section 4 – Military Service –

  • Have you ever served in the armed services of the United States- check yes or no
  • If yes, From and To
  • Branch of Service
  • Rank at Discharge
  • State Duties or Specialized Training

Step 5 – Section 5 – Background Information –

  • Within the past 7 years, have you convicted of or plead guilty of a felony?- check yes or no
  • During the past 5 years have you had any periods of unemployment – check yes or no
  • During the past 5 years have you ever been discharged, suspended or asked to resign, from any position for any reason? – check yes or no
  • For the purpose of verification, have you attended any school under any other name- check yes or no – If yes, specify the name you were listed under

Step 6 – Section 6 – Employment History –

List all employment experience for the past 5 years, beginning with the most recent. If you need to add additional sheets, feel free to do so. Resumes will not be substitute for the information placed on this form.

  • Employer
  • Nature of Business
  • Address
  • Phone with area code
  • Your Title
  • Supervisor
  • Supervisor’s Title
  • From and To Month and Year
  • Hours Worked per Week
  • Ending Salary
  • Reason for Leaving
  • Principle Responsibilities- Be complete and specific in the lines provided
  • The same information will be required for all professional history information.

Step 7 – Section 7 – Signature –

Read carefully all of the information in this section, prior to  signing.  If you need clarification with any aspect of this information, ask management or your interviewer. Once you understand provide:

  • Applicant’s Signature
  • Date of Signature