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Download this Weekly Expense Report Form that’s created specifically for tracking weekly business expenses. Simply carry the form weekly and complete it appropriately. Turn it in to HR or accounting for the business accounting of expense funds and /or in the event reimbursement is necessary.

How To Write

Step 1 – Section 1 – Employee Information –

Enter the required information in the lines under the title as follows:

  • Employee Name
  • Employee Phone
  • Purpose
  • Week Ending

Step 2 – Section 2 – Transportation –

In this section, one would record any monies spent on transportation –

  • Gas, oil, maintenance
  • Parking and tolls
  • Auto Rental
  • Taxi or Limo Services
  • Other i.e.; Air, Rail, Bus
  • Total all transportation costs and enter the daily totals

Step 3 – Section 3 – Meals and Lodging –

In this section, record all expenses pertaining to meals and lodging –

  • Hotel- include parking and any tips provided
  • Breakfast
  • Lunch
  • Dinner
  • Other Meals
  • Total Daily Meals and accomodations

Step 4 – Section 4 – Miscellaneous –

This section will address expenses related to daily travel needs and expenses:

  • Laundry, cleaning
  • Phone, fax, data
  • Sundries
  • Entertain/ Other

Next complete each per-day total.  If you have any notes or comments record them in the lines provided

Step 5 – Section 5 – Itemized Expenses, Entertainment or Other Expenses –

With regard to the expenses that have been recorded in the chart, itemization of these expenses, must also be recorded. In this section provide the following information:

  • Date
  • Description
  • Location
  • Business purpose of the expense
  • Amount

The final information that must be provided is the signature and date of the person who has provided authorization of the report.