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Download the DD Form 1056, also known as the ‘Authorization to Apply For a “No Fee” Passport and/or Visa Request’, is a document to provide authority for issue of “No-Fee” passport and/or request for a visa which is an endorsement stamped or written on a passport, showing that it has been examined by the proper officials of a country and granting entry into that country. The Social Security Number is required to verify and/or identify the applicant.

How to Fill-in

Step 1 – Download the Form:

The form is available in XFDL and fillable Adobe PDF and should be written as follows:

Sections 1-8: 1. date passport or visa required by applicant, 2. major service component, 3. applicant’s last name/first name/middle name, 4. applicant’s date of birth, 5. applicant’s place of birth, 6. sponsor’s last name/first name/middle name, 7. sponsor’s military rank/civilian grade, and 8. sponsor’s SSN.

Sections 9-13: 9a. applicant’s current home address, 9b. home telephone number, 9c. office telephone number, 9d. agent ID code, 10. interim address where applicant may be contacted after departing location indicated in item 9, 10b. name of person with whom residing, 10c. telephone, 10d. agent ID code, 11. destination (country or countries), 12. special assignment requiring passport, 13. passport will be forwarded to.

Sections 14-17:  estimated date of departure, 15. proposed length of stay, 16. authorizing official, 16a. name, 16b. grade, 16c title, 16d. complete mailing address, 16e. telephone number, 16f. signature of authorizing official, 16g. date, 17. additional information,

Sections 18-28: 18. date applied for passport, 19. place applied for passport, 20. name of court or passport agent, 21. date passport received from dept. of state, 22. passport number, 23. date of passport issue, 24. passport expiration date, 25. document(s) included with passport, 26. country and date visa requested, 27. date passport received with visa, 28. date passport mailed.