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Download the Vehicle Purchase Order Template, that is designed for the purpose of contracting the order of a vehicle from a dealer or dealership. Simply gather your client’s information and complete the form. Be certain to have your client(s) sign the form once all of the information is filled in, to complete the order and sale of any vehicle.

How To Write

Step 1 – Stock Number –

  • Enter the stock number of the vehicle on the line

Step 2 – Client’s Information

  • Purchaser’s Name
  • Date of Purchase or Order mm/dd/yyyy

Step 3 – Please Enter My Order:

  • Select  – New, Used or Demo and check the appropriate box
  • Make, Model, Color, Type, Year
  • Vehicle ID Number (VIN) – Mileage (record the odometer reading while it’s sitting)
  • To be delivered on or about (date mm/dd/yyyy)

Step 4 – Price of Vehicle –

  • Enter the price of the vehicle
  • List any additions that have additional costs i.e.; select packages- enter the price of additions per line
  • Add vehicle costs and all additions
  • Place that figure into the “Total” box
  • Place the total tax in the “tax” box
  • Add dealer’s document fees and place them in the “Dealer’s Documentary Fees” box
  • Itemize the costs of license, transfer, title and registration fees
  • Add all of the fees to reach the total sale price

Step 5 – Fees to subtract from the total to reach the true balance due

  • Cash Deposit Submitted (if a deposit was submitted subtract this from the total cost of the vehicle)
  • Allowance for used vehicle ( if an allowance was provided on a trade in, subtract this amount from the total)
  • Less balance owing

Step 6 – Description of Trade In

  • VIN
  • List the total down payment
  • Year, Make, Model, Type
  • Balance Due subtract 1 from 2
  • List mileage, plate number and expiration date of the plate mm/yyyy

Step 7 – Carefully read (english or spanish) the contract prior to providing signature

  • Be certain to ask any questions or have any verbal agreements, placed into writing
  • If contract is read (to include the terms and conditions sheet) understood and you agree – client and  co-signer (if any) will sign together
  • Client’s will then sign along with the sales person
  • Client’s will provide address
  • Dealer will approve or deny – if approved the management will sign the contract
  • Client’s will provide business and home phone numbers