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Download PS Form 3533, also known as USPS Refund of Postage, Fees, and Services Form. This form is used to acquire a refund on spoiled postage, services paid for  services not rendered and/or any fees that need to be refunded for returned postage hardware, permit postage or anything that requires refund from the USPS. Complete this form and mail it along with AIC 280 supporting documents for a refund.

How To Write

Step 1 – Part 1 – Application – Complete Part 1 as follows:

  • Customer/Company Name
  • Attention
  • Mailing address (to where the refund should be mailed)
  • Apartment or Suite Number
  • City, State
  • Zip + 4
  • Telephone Number With Area Code
  • Amount of Refund Request
  • Customer Account Number or Meter Number
  • Signature of Customer
  • Date of Request (mm/dd/yyyy format

Step 2 – Request Disbursement For:

  • Read the block containing the Privacy Act Statement then select the box pertaining to your specific refund
  • Should you request a refund for “Value Added” Services – You must provide your tax ID number

Part 2 – Verification of Disbursement – Is for Official Use Only

Step 3 – Part 3 – Postage or Meter Stamps (excluding PC postage)

  • Read the information at the beginning of Part 3
  • Enter the name of the Meter Manufacturer on the line
  • Enter the Meter Serial Number
  • Enter the Meter License

Step 4 – Still located in Part 3 – In the columns, group and list by postage units or value (only use the left columns, the right column is for management):

  • Number of Pieces
  • Postage Value
  • Amount Each
  • Total Postage Value
  • Grand Total of Postage Value
  • Less Charges
  • Total To Be Refunded
  • Supervisor or Manager’s Signature
  • Date (mm/dd/yyyy format)
  • Witness Signature
  • Date (mm/dd/yyyy format)

Step 5 – Part 4 – Special Services and Other Refunds (fees for registered, insured and COD services are not generally refundable)

  • Use this block to explain the reason for the requested refund
  • Amount of Refund to Which Claimant is Entitled

Step 6 – Part 5 – Disbursements for Refunds

  • Read information in the part 5 block
  • If refund is made locally, Do Not Submit a PS Form 3533 to scanning and imaging
  • Either provide a payee signature or a money order serial number
  • Date (mm/dd/yyyy format)

Step 7 – Part 6 – Accounting Service Center must verify all information provided prior to disbursing funds.

  • Submit PS Form 3533 with attached AIC 280 supporting documents to the Scanning and Imaging Center
  • If this is being handled locally, maintain a copy of this form for 90 days