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Download PS Form 1583, also known as USPS Application of Delivery of Mail Through an Agent. This form allows a business to legally accept mail as an agent for another business. Read all sections carefully inasmuch as there are very specific policies that must be followed or mail will be withheld until all steps have been taken and verification has been made by the United States Postal Service.

How To Write

Step 1 – Section 1. Application for Delivery of Mail Through Agent:

  • 1. Date (mm/dd/yyyy format) Provide the date in block 1. for the date in which the document is being completed
  • Carefully read the 3 paragraphs in section 1.

Step 2 – Block 2- Carefully read requirement for block 2:

  • Provide the name in which applicant’s mail will be received. This will be the name of the “agent” who will receive the mail.
  • Each applicant must complete a separate PS Form 1583
  • Spouses may file one form jointly, however, both must present two forms of identification.

Step 3 – Blocks 3.a., b., c. and d. – Complete as follows:

  • a. Address to be used for delivery (include PMD or # sign)
  • b. City
  • c. State
  • d. Zip + 4

Step 4 – Section 4 – Applicant authorizes delivery to and in care of Complete blocks a., b., c., d., and e.:

  • a. Name
  • b. Address – (number, street, apt/suite number
  • c. City
  • d. State
  • e. Zip + 4

Step 5 – Section 5 – This authorization is extended to include restricted deliver mail for the undersigned(s)

  • Put names of anyone who is willing to allow the agent to sign and accept restricted mail.

Step 6 – Section 6 –  Name of Applicant:

  • Enter the name of the applicant in block 6

Step 7 –  Section 7 – Complete blocks 7.a., b., c., d., and e. as follows:

  • a. Applicant Home Address (number, street, and apt/suite number)
  • b. City
  • c. State
  • d. Zip + 4
  • e. Applicant Telephone Number (include area code)

Step 8 – Section 8 – Complete 8 a. and b.

  • Read the first paragraph
  • You will need to provide 2 forms of identification
  • The agent must see your ID and write the information in the boxes.

Step 9 – Block 9.

  • Fill in the name of the Firm or Corporation

Step 10 – Section 10 – Complete a., b.,c.,d., and e.:

  • a. Business Address (number, street, apt/suite number)
  • b. City
  • c. State
  • d. Zip + 4
  • e. Business Telephone Number (include area code)

Step 11 – Block 11.

  • Enter the Type of Business

Step 12 – Section 12 – If applicant is a firm name, each member whose mail is to be delivered

  • Any name listed in this block must have verifiable identification.
  • Should any of the recipients be minor children, a guardian must list the names of any and all minors receiving mail at their delivery address.

Step 13 – Section 13- If a corporation, provide the names and addresses of it’s officers in block 13

Step 14 – Section 14 – If business name, corporation or trade name has been registered, provide the name of the county and state in which the business is registered in block 14

Step 15 – Blocks 15 and 16- Notary-

Read the information above blocks 15 and 16. This area will explain the consequences of providing false information:

  • 15. This section must be signed before a notary public.
  • 16. Signature of applicant- if this is a firm or corporation this application must be signed by an officer of the firm or corporation.


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