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Download a Simple GANTT Chart Template that provides a visual aid to assist in understanding how well a project is doing. Gantt Charts of any kind are very useful while scheduling projects. It will provide information such as how long a project may take to accomplish. It will help in understanding what resources may be needed. It will also help manage a project so you will know how long it may take to complete.

How To Write

Step 1 – Decide the project you would like to implement –

  • Name the project on your chart

Step 2 – Format Your Chart –

  • Format your chart to fit your needs
  • List all aspects of the chart that need to be monitored and when the tasks are expected to be accomplished

Step 3 – Begin Your Project –

  • Enter your data each time action is taken by yourself or any member of your task team.
  • Continue your project
  • If you find that you’re falling behind in expectations, do what is necessary to speed the process if possible. If it’s not possible to speed the process, then work to continue to complete tasks on time until the project is complete

Step 4 – Keep Your Results In Your Records

As long as the project continues, you will have an opportunity to keep on track as long as you continue to enter your data as you go.

Once the project is complete, retain your chart for reference for your next project.

How to Video