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Download the Purchase Order Log Template that is designed to assist any company, keep proper purchase logs. This log will also track the product, from whom (vendor) the product was purchased to payment method. This data may be kept in log books if paper copy is required or may be updated online as needed.

Step 1 – Company Information

  • At the top of the page you will see that there is an area in which you may place where you may place the company name

Step 2 – Enter appropriate information into the following boxes on the form

  • Date –  (mm/dd/yyyy)
  • Product –  (name the product being ordered)
  • Category –  (enter the product category i.e; paper, tires, dairy or whatever type of product it’s category belongs in normally)
  • Reason – (enter the reason the product is being ordered)
  • Vendor – (enter the vendor from who the product is being purchased
  • Payment Method – (specify by placing the amount into the appropriate box for which payment method was used i.e.; check, cash, credit or PO number
  • Repeat the same instructions on the next line, as needed until your product order log sheet is complete for that day/week/month/year
  • Print and file paper copy or file on your computer for future reference