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Download the Printable Pay Stub Template that is designed for employers to provide an itemized record as to pay, recorded hours, overtime pay etc. This template will allow you to print and send or email. It covers all of the important aspects of information an employer would like to provide to an employee.

How To Write

Step 1 – Name of Employee  and Employer – located at the top of the stub sheet –

  • First name, Middle initial, last name
  • Name of Employer/Company

Step 2 – Earnings Column – Top left of the page – In the earnings column, provide the following information:

  • Salary – enter the salary amount for the employee
  • Overtime Pay – enter the amount paid for overtime, if any
  • Vacation Pay – If employee is receiving vacation pay, enter that amount, if none leave blank or enter 0.00
  • Public Holiday Pay – If the company pays holiday pay and holiday pay has been earned, enter that amount, if none, leave blank