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Dowload Krispy Kreme Fundraiser Pre-Order Form. This form is used to help schools and organization as a source to raise funds. Organizations may print this form for the purpose of taking orders for doughnuts. Once the fundraiser is up, the head of the fundraiser would take the orders to Krispy Kreme. The company would then provide certificates to return to the donors so that the product will be fresh when they come to redeem their certificates. Krispy Kreme will also provide a portion of the profits to the organization.

Step 1 – Complete the information as follows:

  • Teacher/Sponsor Name
  • Hello, I’m (place your name on this line)
  • From ( place the name of your organization on this line)
  • I’m selling Krispy Kreme Fundraising Certificates to raise money for (place the purpose of your fundraiser here)
  • Krispy Kreme Fundraising Certificates sell for a price of $_____ (place your price on the line) each.

Step 2 – Sell your certificates –

  • Once someone agrees to purchase your Fundraising Certificates, place the customer name in the first block
  • State the number of certificates in block 2
  • State the amount you have collected from your customer

Step 3 – Totals

  • Once your fundraiser is over, add all of the certificates that were purchased from you
  • In the “Total Money Collected” block, add all of the money amounts collected from your customers. Place the total number in that block
  • Hand your money and forms into the head of your fundraiser so that the orders may be fulfilled.


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