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Download the Fax Cover Sheet Template that is designed to send along with a fax so that it is identifiable to the recipient or to anyone who would be delivering the fax to the recipient. This cover allows a place for one to leave messages highlighting information enclosed in the fax if needed. This cover page also contains a statement of confidentiality which could be used for professional use as well.

How To Write

Step 1 – Company –

  • At the top of the page, enter the name of the company sending the fax

Step 2 –  To:

  • Name – Enter the name of the person to whom the fax will be directed
  • Fax Number – Enter the fax number of the person/company the fax will be sent to
  • Date – enter the date mm/dd/yyyy
  • Number of pages – enter the number of pages, including the fax sheet, that the recipient should expect to receive

Step 3 – From:

  • Name – enter your name as the sender
  • Number – enter your contact telephone number in the event all of the pages of the fax failed to arrive or are for some reason are illegible
  • Subject – enter the subject of the fax that the recipient is expecting to receive, or enter “confidential” if the information is expected to remain confidential until received by the recipient
  • To the right, check “urgent” or “please reply” – may be left blank if neither apply

Step 4 –  Message –

  • If there is a message, enter the message into the message area. If there is no message that should be transmitted on the cover, leave the message block blank.

Step 5 – Place the completed fax cover on top of the fax and send to the recipient of choice