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Download the Blank Printable Raffle Ticket Template that is used to design and print for any raffle event. If a blank raffle ticket template is needed for print it’s easy to design and print. There are two portions to a raffle ticket. One portion will be kept by the person who purchases it. The other part will be kept to be placed in a container of choice for the drawing. Each state has different regulations as to what must appear on a raffle ticket, there are basics with regard to what should appear on each portion of the ticket. The basics will be listed below.

How To Write

Step 1 – Take the time to check with your state to be certain you’re following their guidelines.

Step 2 – On the portion of the ticket that the purchaser will retain, you will need to list the following:

  • Name of the group holding the raffle
  • Location of the drawing
  • Date of the drawing
  • Unique ticket number matching the side kept for the organization retains for the drawing
  • The cost of the ticket
  • Person needs to be or- need not be present to win
  • Grand prize and lesser prizes
  • If your state requires a license number be required to be printed on the ticket, it must be printed on the ticket and the portion retained by the purchaser.

Step 3 – On the portion retained by the group for the drawing also known as the “stub”:

  • Name of the group holding the raffle
  • Date of the drawing
  • Unique number to match the ticket sold

If the person is not required to be present to win:

  • Buyer’s full name
  • Phone Number
  • Address – street, city, state, zip
  • Buyer’s email address

Step 4- Print and begin selling for your raffle event.