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Download the AARP Life Insurance Claim Form that is designed to provide a beneficiary the tools to collect a death benefit left in their name at the time of death of a spouse, child or whomever may have left a life insurance benefit in their name. This packet will offer all of the information needed in order to make claim on the policy.

How To Write

Step 1 – Pages of Instructions and Q&A –

  • The first three pages of this packet will have full explanation of how to complete the processes, no matter what the age of the beneficiary (ies).
  • Take the time to sit with these pages and read them, read the answers to the FAQ’s. Be certain to read them carefully especially if you are making a claim for a minor child.
  • Be certain to collect all supporting documentation keeping in mind that no originals will be returned. Also, each beneficiary must provide a death certificate on their own.
  • In the case that the claim will go into a trust, pay specific attention to needed documentation and acquire it so that the funds will be properly transferred.
  • Read carefully the State Variations of Fraud Warnings

Step 2 – AARP Death Benefit Claim Form

  • Complete the following:
  • 1. List only the Contracts under which you are making a claim
  • 2. Complete all Deceased Insured Information – Attach copies of police and coroner’s reports and any specific news articles if applicable
  • 3. Complete all of the information required in section 3 of the Beneficiary Information required. Provide all information, documentation, check all appropriate boxes, provide social security numbers for all beneficiaries
  • 4. Beneficiary’s Signature(s) – Carefully read this section entirely. Once you have read, understand and agree. beneficiary must provide signature and date
  • 5.Medical Information and Authorization ( for release) – Be prepared to use extra sheets if necessary – This section only require completions if  and or all of the coverage was issued within 2 years of insured’s death

Step 3 –Once completed, send all claim information to:

  • New York Life Insurance / AARP Operations
  • Attn: Claims Department
  • P.O. Box 30713
  • Tampa FL 33630-3713