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Download Wedding Checklist Template that is designed to assist any couple or family to create and prepare for a wedding. This checklist will begin from 12 months prior to your particular event and take the wedding plans your wedding day. If this checklist is followed closely, it’s likely that creating your wedding will go smoothly from beginning to end. Always remember you can adjust the list, add or remove tasks that do not apply should you so desire.

How To Write

Step 1 – Section 2 – 12 Months (or whatever your chosen time frame is) Look through the tasks and begin. This section addresses the beginning procedures such as:

  • Announce your engagement to your family and friends, if you choose you could plan an engagement party.
  • Signing up for a wedding web site
  • Creating a budget etc.
  • Selecting a location for the wedding
  • From this point, simply complete the tasks and check each one off as you go so that you know what is in order and what needs attention.

Step 2 – Section 2 – 6-9 Months Before – This section will address:

  • Researching and selecting bridal registries
  • Ordering a Wedding Gown and Accessories
  • Location an Officiant (this is best considered as early as possible in the even the Officiant of your choice requires counseling sessions)
  • Research other aspects of what is involved with a wedding i.e.; photographer, musicians or bands, flowers etc.

Step 3 – Section 3 – 4-6 Months Before – This section will address the appearance of the location and inner workings of the wedding and what is needed for the wedding party:

  • Select and purchase invitations and thank you cards
  • Select (and purchase, if possible) wedding favors and accessories, reception accessories vases, candles etc.
  • Get a head start with honeymoon arrangements, select and book your chosen location, check into airline tickets if needed, arrange accommodations and transportation for out of town guests if needed
  • There are several other tips in this section for excellent preparations.

Step 4 – Section 4 – 2-4 Months Before – This section will address more pressing things that must be accomplished as the wedding gets closer, some will readdress research you’ve already done but have not concluded:

  • At this point it’s time to begin what is needed for a marriage license in your state. For example, your state may require a blood test. Make calls or research online what is required in your state in order to acquire a marriage license
  • Order tuxedo’s for your Groom and Groomsmen
  • Set up consultations with your caterer, officiant
  • If you will be using any vows outside of the traditional wedding vows, it would be time to begin working on those alternative vows
  • Select and buy your wedding rings
  • Select and coordinate your rehearsal
  • Arrange other things like, tables, linens,
  • Renew passports if your honeymoon will be outside of the country. Sometimes these things can take longer now, so don’t put this off

Step 5 – Section 5 – 1-2 Months Before – This section will address things that you will want to provide immediate attention to.  For example, it’s always a good idea to send wedding invitations to your potential guests 8 weeks in advance. Some other things that will need more immediate attention now would be:

  • Prepare for a name change, address change, if necessary, combination of insurance once you’re married – gather those documents for completion
  • The bride should select and book a make up and hair stylist for the day of the wedding
  • Update your wedding web site if you have one
  • Purchase a wedding guestbook

Step 6 – Section 6 – 2 Weeks to 1 Month Before – This section will involve completion all of the steps and bringing the wedding and your guests all together:

  • It will now be time to create your seating for the reception, creating place cards etc.
  • Provide your caterer  with the final count with regard to guests attendance.
  • Confirm all logging arrangements
  • Go to jeweler to be sure the rings fit properly
  • Prepare rehearsal toasts

Step 7 – Section 7 – 1 Week Before –  This section will address final arrangement:

  • Write checks for all of your vendors to distribute at the wedding
  • Pick up your marriage license
  • Pick up wedding dress
  • Confirm all transportation for out of town guests, wedding party, etc.
  • Call the post office and have your mail held until you return from your honeymoon

Step 8 – Section 8 – The Day Before – Last Minute –

  • Welcome your out of town guests
  • Confirm hair and make up artist for the day of the wedding
  • Attend rehearsal dinner

Section 9 – It’s Your Wedding Day! –

  • Wake up early and go over all of your final arrangements
  • Enjoy a healthy breakfast
  • Set aside time to share gifts with bridesmaids and groomsmen
  • Enjoy your wedding!


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