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Download the To-Do Checklist Template that is designed to create a very simple, personalized to-do list. Once you create your list, you will be able to check the tasks etc., off of your list as you go. Begin creating your personal to-do list

How To Write

Step 1 – Tasks –

  • Take the time to write in the “tasks” column as many tasks as you wish
  • Consider listing your tasks in order of priority

Step 2 – Deadline –

  • As you are creating your list, decide the best date for a deadline to complete each task in a timely manor

Step 3 – Check When Completed –

  • Once you have completed a task on your list, to the left side of your list, check it off as completed
  • After you’ve completed all of the tasks on your lists, if you feel you may like to continue with a new list, simply download another list and repeat