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Download the Moving Checklist Template that is designed to keep your move as easy as possible.  Use this list to follow closely to be certain that you remember all that needs to be completed for a successful and smooth move. Once you’ve completed each task, check it from your list. If there are added tasks, add them to the notes sections provided.

How To Write

Step 1 – Section 1 – Two Months Before

  • Begin by going through your home room by room to decide what will move with you and what you may choose to sell, donate or give away. Be certain to make note of the more expensive items that will require that you or your movers provide special packaging and possibly more insurance protection
  • If you plan to use a moving company, this would be the time to begin the process. Research the companies that you will fee comfortable with and acquire estimates. Once you have decided on 3 or 4 use the sheet attached to jot notes and keep information on each company.
  • It’s a good idea to begin a paper file, computer file or both in order to properly track estimates, receipts and paperwork along the way.
  • If you have children, it will be very important to have their records transferred prior to your move. This also would be a good time to arrange this task.
  • Notes – As you begin these processes, if you have questions or need to add tasks, place these things in this notes section for your convenience.

Step 2 – Section 2 – Six Weeks Before –

  • This is the time to order and/or purchase packing supplies such as boxes, packing tape, bubble wrap or gather old news papers or tissue paper to cushion your item.
  • It’s now time to use up items that you would consume so that you don’t have to move them i.e.; perishable foods, frozen foods, even chemicals for cleaning that could be dangerous to move. From that point, only purchase foods and chemicals on an “as needed only” basis
  • You need to acquire measurements of your new home or apartment. Measure doorways especially to be certain you will be able to get larger furniture pieces in the doorways. If not, you may need to plan a day closer to your move to break them down a bit so they will fit through the doorways and in the rooms you would like them to go into.
  • Notes- make notes to all of these effects in the notes section provided

Step 3 – Section 3 – One Month Before –

  • At this time, you should select your movers if you plan to use a moving company.  This will not apply if you’re doing the moving yourself. If you are using a company, acquire in writing the details as well as the cost of your move and what is included in pricing
  • Start packing the items that you use the least such as sets of china, curio cabinets contents, out of season clothing, toys etc.
  • As you are packing, special items that cost over 100.00 per pound, and you are purchasing additional insurance, you will need to make a list of the special items to be insured.
  • Provide a change of address to the postal service, you may get a form at the post office or you may change your information online.
  • www.usps.com – there is a $1.00 charge for this service online.
  • Below is a list of companies and/or departments you need to alert  with regard to your move:
  • Doctors
  • Banks
  • Untilities
  • Credit Cards
  • Insurance
  • Brokerage Firms if applicable
  • Your job’s HR department
  • If you will be moving out of town, whereas you will need to acquire new Doctors, Dentists etc, begin the process of transferring medical records
  • Any papers, periodicals, magazines- contact these companies online or by telephone.
  • Notes – make any specific notes needed in the space provided in this section

Step 4 – Section 4 – Two Weeks Before –

  • Have your vehicle services especially if you’re moving to a different
  • If you own a safety deposit box, take a lock box to the bank and place all of your valuables into a secure box that can be placed in your vehicle to take with you.
  • Again, if you’re using a moving company, reconfirm and get their D.O.T number information. Write it here in the notes section

Step 5 – Section 5 – One Week Before –

  • Fill prescription you will require over the next couple of weeks to month
  • Complete the packing process, label boxes. If there are items you will need immediately upon arrival, pack and mark “essential” boxes for all rooms
  • Pack cases of clothing and personal items for everyone in the home with supplies for 3 days
  • Set aside any items to include valuables that you will transport in your vehicle. Do not send jewelry on board of a moving truck.

Step 6 – Section 6 – Day of The Move –

  • Plan to be home all day or until all boxes are loaded by the movers, especially if they will be packing for you
  • When your truck shows up, be certain to check the D.O.T. number matches what the company has provided to you.
  • Before the drivers have an opportunity to leave, be certain to sign and collect the inventory list and bill of lading. Do not allow these companies to push or rush you. They are being well paid and are working for you until you are moved.