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Download the Inventory Checklist Template that has been created for the purpose of doing a simple inventory count. This could be used for business, home or any other reason one would need to do inventory of any kind  Use as you wish.

How To Write

Step 1 – Section 1 –

  • Sheet Number – Enter the sheet number in the line provided
  • Counted By – Enter the name of the person counting and recording the inventory

Step 2 – Section 2 – Item, Description, Location, Quantity –

  • In the blocks and in the rows provided record the following:
  • Item Number – Enter the item number as it resides in any system or the product number provided on the packaging
  • Description – Enter a brief description of the product or the name of the product being recorded
  • Location – Enter the location of the product, isle number, building number, whatever location is required for this particular inventory count
  • Quantity – Enter the number of the products on hand so that you may determine when ordering must take place for restocking

Step 3 – Provide a physical copy for your employers records and/or your own. File with paper copy or in a computer file.