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Download the Chore Checklist Template that is designed for personalized customization. Simply write or type in the chores specific to your household. You may fill in the checklist and check them off every day of the week.

How To Write

Step 1 – Section 1 – My Chores

  • In the first column on the left, fill in all of the chores you would like to accomplish throughout the month
  • Chores may be filled in on a weekly basis as well
  • Complete the listed chore and check it off of your list on completion

Suggestion – If you are a student or an adult living alone, a chore list will likely be pretty simple to complete. If, however, you have a spouse and/or children old enough to assist you, it may be a good idea to create a chore list for each person.

Teaching children to be a part of keeping their environment organized through their childhood will instill positive organizational skills on many levels throughout their lives