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Download the Pro Forma Balance Sheet Template that has been created to provide a three year balance observation for the purpose of acquiring a business loan. In year 1, provide current year information and in the year two and three it would be the 2 years prior. Once completed there will be an overall observation of the financial aspect of the business over the last three years.  It is a large portion of the decision making process in business loan acquisition.

How To Write

Step 1- Section 1 – Assets –

  • Begin by entering the company name and the company address at the top of the form. Next, fill in the years current and the two years prior in the Pro Forma boxes i.e.; year 1 2015, year 2 2014, year 3 2013- Then complete the following blocks:

Current Assets –

  • Cash on hands in banks
  • Time deposits and short-term investments
  • Accounts Receivable
  • (Less: Allowance for doubtful accounts)
  • Inventories
  • Prepayments
  • Calculate Net Total of Current Assets over the past 3 years

Fixed Assets –

  • Land
  • Buildings
  • Furniture and equipment
  • (Less: Accumulated depreciation)
  • Calculate Net Total of Fixed Assets for 3 years

Other Assets –

  • Enter all other assets and acquisitions
  • Calculate all other assets for 3 years

Step 2 – Section 2 – Liabilities and Equities –

  • Enter the following information covering current and prior 2 years:
  • Accounts Payable
  • Notes Payable
  • Current Portion of Long-Term Liabilities
  • Customer Deposits
  • Taxes Payable
  • Interest Payable
  • Total Current Liabilities

Long Term Liabilities –

  • Long Term Loans
  • Calculate Total Long-Term Liabilities

Subtotal –

  • Sub-Total Liabilities

Equity –

  • Paid in Capital
  • Retained Earnings
  • Calculate Total Equity

Calculate Total Equity