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Download this Personal Financial Balance Sheet Template that has been created for the purpose of listing and calculating personal finances and assets. The user generally utilizes this form when they are working toward keeping up with their personal finances. Generally, however, this form is used to provide information to a financial institution to acquire a loan for whatever the need.

How To Write

Step 1 –  Personal Information-

  • This section is specifically to provide personal, individual information. Begin by dating the form at the top right (mm/dd/yyyy) and then complete the first block of required information as follows:
  • Name
  • Address
  • City, state, Zip Code
  • Home Telephone Number
  • Social Security Number
  • DOB
  • Dependents
  • Business Telephone Number

Step 2 – Section 1 – This section will contain six blocks and will ask for specific categories with regard to your financial holdings and other assets.

  • Assets – This block will ask for things like cash on hand, in the bank, US bonds, life insurance etc. Collect your documents and complete all of the requirements. Once you have completed this block, calculate all of the lines and record your total dollar amount with regard to your assets.
  • Liabilities – This block is asking that you produce information regarding your liabilities or what you are responsible to pay back already. This would include bank notes, mortgages, liens, any debt listed as unpaid. Complete this section and calculate to learn your liability and net worth
  • Annual Income – This block asks for information with regard to your annual income. This area will ask for information about salary, dividends, commissions, bonuses etc. Complete and calculate to provide itemized information regarding your total annual income
  • Estimate of Annual Expenses – This block requires an estimation of annual debt.  You will need to provide information about debts concerning taxes, insurance, rent or mortgage and other expense that may not be listed here. Complete this section and calculate to provide information about your annual responsibilities
  • General Information – This block concerns any time that you may have been bankrupt, involvement in law suits etc. Simply check the appropriate boxes. If you have any information with regard to these issues, you are asked to explain. You may need to use extra sheets in order to provide this information.
  • Contingent Liabilities – In this block you would address possible responsibilities such as contracts in which you may be a co-signer, legal claims that may provide settlement in your favor etc. You simply need to provide this information. No calculations required here.

Step 2 – Section 2 – Itemize Information –

  • Section 2 A – Cash in Banks and Notes to Banks – This block requires all bank account information including type of account, notes due to banks and collateral (if any). Provide all information, but calculate only what is on deposit and notes due to banks and enter those calculations appropriately
  • Section 2 B – Life Insurance- This block will ask for life insurance information. Enter all required information but calculate only “cash value” and “policy loans” columns and enter the totals
  • Section 2 C – Securities –  This block will ask for information with regard to securities ownership. Complete all required information in itemization and calculate only “market value US. Govt,” “market value marketable,” “market value, not readily marketable.” Enter totals in all three columns accordingly
  • Section 2 D – Notes and Accounts Receivable – This area will address property i.e.; furniture, vehicles etc. Itemize and calculate “balance due good accounts,” “balance due doubtful accounts,” “balance due friends,” enter calculations results into the appropriate columns
  • Section 2 E – Real Estate Owned – Itemize real estate information, then calculate “present real estate value,” and “balance due” columns. Enter the results of your calculations.
  • Section 2 F – Mortgages and Contracts – Enter all of the required information. Once entered, calculate all of your debts required here and enter the total in the “balance due” box
  • Section 2 G – Personal Property – This block asks for information about your personal property. Enter all information in itemization. You will then calculate the “value today” column and enter that total at the bottom in the “total:” box
  • Section 2 H – In this final block you would list any other debt that may not have been recorded in the information you have provided already in itemization. You will then calculate any money you owe relatives and friends, notes due to “others” that have not yet been recorded on the form, accounts and bills payable and contracts payable
  • Once all information has been supplied, itemized and calculated, your form is complete. You may be required to provide supporting documents with with this form. Collect them and keep copies as you go to make available to any company with whom you intend to do business