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Download DA Form HQDA391, also known as Request For Extension To Taskers And Suspensed Items. This form is used request extensions to a Chief of Staff, Sergeant Major of the Army, Secretary of the Army, Vice Chief of Staff Army or any other Senior Leader Tasker. All information required on this form must be submitted or the form will not be accepted for consideration.

How To Fill-In

Block 1 – Tasked Agency- make a selection from the drop down arrow.

Block 2 – Tracking Number – If the ECC has assigned a tracking number, enter that number, otherwise leave it blank or put “None” in the box

Block 3 – Original Suspense Date (yyyy/mm/dd format)

Block 4 – Subject – List the subject as it is listed in HQDA. If it’s not listed, use the identical subject that was placed on your source document and attach it.

Block 5 – Tasker From – select and check the box from which the office it originated.

Block 6 – Origin of Task- Select and check the appropriate box

Block 7 – Previous Extensions Granted – select yes or no – if yes, list previous dates

Block 8 – Interim Response Attached –  select yes or no

Block 9 – Justification – Read the instructions in block 9, provide a full justification including all of the requests in the instructions. If your reason for justification is externally based, provide a Senior Level POC’s information, name, rank, e mail address, telephone number and the date that the coordination of the extension from the external agency.

Block 10 a. – Action Officer Name And Telephone Number-

  • b. Date – (yyyy/mm/dd format)

Block 11 a. – Requesting Agency’s Principal Official Or XO/MA Signature.

  • b. Date (yyyy/mm/dd format)

Block 12 – Date Received ECC/OJDA (yyyy/mm/dd format)

Block 13 – Special Assistant To The DAS

Block 14 – Date Forwarded yyyy/mm/dd format)

  • (blocks 12,13 and 14 to be completed by the ECC/OJDA)

Block 15 – Response To Tasked Agency – Determination for adjustment will be decided AXO Or XO.

Block 16 a.- Printed Name And Signature Of Approval – AXO Or XO must print name and provide signature.

b. Date (yyyy/mm/dd format)

This form is fillable online or printable for manual use and/or sending.