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Download DA Form HQDA5, also known as Army Staffing Form. The primary purpose for this form is for Army Senior Leaders to ask questions and receive responses regarding a particular action. Personal information will not be provided to anyone outside of the DoD and information is provided voluntarily. However, without required information, this form cannot be processed.

How To Fill-In

Step 1 –  Begin by selecting a classification in the drop down box at the top of page one

Step 2 – Continue by answering blocks 1. through 5. as follows:

  • 1. Tracking Number
  • 2. Today’s Date (yyyy/mm/dd) format)
  • 3. Suspense Date (yyyy/mm/dd format)
  • 4. Lead Staff Agency – Select or Type Organization (if typing in this form, use drop down box to the right)
  • 5. Subject
  • 6. Routing (use drop down arrows in this section to make selections) – Initial and Date (yyyy/mm/dd format)
  • ECC POC Initial
  • ECC (Rank, Name, Phone Number)
  • Dir. ECC – Initial
  • ECC Comments

Step 3. – Block 7. Origin Requirements from – (select appropriate box or boxes)  Meeting/Forum/Other

Step 4 – Block 8. What is in this packet? – Explain the Tabs A,B and C.

Step 5 – Block 9. Action seeks senior leader – Select an appropriate box. Then type Recommendation to senior leader in the box within block 9.

Step 6 – Block 10. Key areas impacted:  – Check appropriate box(es)

Step 7 – Block 11. – Key point(s) the senior leaders should get from this action

Step 8 – Block 12. Additional Information- place additional information in the box.

Step 9 – Block 13. – Senior Leader/Decisions/Comments: Select one and provide comments if needed.

Step 10 – Block 14 – Lead Agency Staff Coordination – Complete the following in this block:

  • Under “Lead Agency Staff Coordination” Place the Title of the lead and have the lead initial the box next to their title. The last box in the column is for the Principal Only to initial.
  • To the right of “Lead Agency Staff Coordination” – the top box place the name of the Lead Staff Agency.
  • Again to the right type or write the Tracking Number
  • Below these you will Type Or Print Name and Date (yyyy/mm/dd format) List all names.
  • Action Officer (Signature) – (Name/Title/Phone Number/Email/Office Symbol)
  • SACO – (Signature) – (Name/Title/Phone Number/Email/Office Symbol)
  • Recommendations For Staff Principal – Place recommendations in the blank box, type or print

Step 11 – Block 15. – Type or print all leads, information selection in individual rows as follows

  • Concur/ Nonconcur (select and check a box below.
  • Agency
  • Name (Title and last name)
  • Telephone (with area code)
  • Date (yyyy/mm/dd format)
  • Remarks

Step 12 – Block 16. – Remarks By ECC (type or print in block.