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Download DA Form 67-9-1, also known as the Officer Evaluation Report Support Form. This form is designed to assist raters in providing supporting information for promotion or denial of promotion after face to face interview and counseling. This form also provides information with regard to each rater in the rating chain.

How To Fill-In

Step 1 – Part l – Rated Identification. In this section, provide the rated officer’s basic information in the blocks provided:

  • Name Of Rated Officer (Last, First, MI format)
  • Rank
  • Organization

Step 2 – Part ll – Rating Chain – In this section, each rater will complete the blocks pertaining only to their respective place in the rating chain for this period. Complete only the blocks that are according to your level of the rating chain as follows:

  • Name
  • Rank
  • Position

Step 3 – Part lll – Verification Of Face-To-Face Discussion. Each rater would complete the information in this section according to information provided by the evaluated officer during a face-to-face interview.

  • Complete this section during the face-to-face discussion during the interview and counseling session
  • Rater must date and initial according to your respective rating level

Step 4 – Part lV – Rated Officer. Rater will complete blocks a.,b. and c. for this particular rating period:

  • Principal Duty Title
  • Position AOC/BR
  • a. State Your Significant Duties And Responsibilities (comment in the block provided)
  • b. Indicate Your Major Performance Objectives (comment in the block provided)
  • c. List Your Significant Contributions (comment in the block provided then sign and date at the bottom right of c.)

Step V – Rater And/Or Intermediate Rater – Either one or both raters would review the information in lVa.,b. and c.  You must be certain that your comments are consistent with your respective performance and potential evaluation on DA Form 67-9:

  • Rater Comments (optional) – sign and date in the bottom right corner of the block
  • Intermediate Rater Comments (optional) – sign and date at the bottom right corner of the block

These forms are fillable online or printable for manual use.