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Download DA Form 918, also known as Application For Establishment Of An Army Senior Reserve Officers Training Corps Unit. This form is application for the establishment and maintenance of a Senior Officers division unit. This would be a division unit of the Army reserve at the expense of the United States Government.

How To Fill-In

Step 1- Subject

  • 1. Enter the name of the commander, brigade, U.S Army Cadet Command.

Step 2. By direction of the governing authorities of:

  • Name of Institution -Enter the name of the institution
  • Name-  Enter the name of the applicant in the line titled (name)
  • Title- Enter the title of the applicant

Step 3 – Block 1. Offices- Enter the following information in the rows contained in block 1.:

  • Number Of Rooms
  • Size (how many feet X how many feet)
  • Building In Which Located
  • Exclusive Or Joint Use

Step 4 – Block 2. Storage Rooms- complete this required boxes inside of block 3 with regard to storage rooms:

a. For storage of clothing, supplies, small articles of equipment etc

  • Number of rooms
  • Size (how many feet X how many fee)
  • Building in which located
  • Exclusive or joint use

2.b.- For Storage Of Large Items Of Equipment, Training Aids, Motor Vehicles Etc.

  • Provide a written description
  • Read Note box

Step 5 – Classrooms- complete with information required in the following boxes inside of block 3.

  • Room and building
  • Seating capacity
  • Exclusive or joint use
  • Read the Note box at the bottom of block 3.

Step 6 –  Assembly Hall-  complete as follows:

  •  a.Seating Capacity- maximum seating that will be available that will be in compliance with all permits and fire codes.
  • Check the appropriate box
  • Assembly Hall Will Be Available As Follows: – Explain provisions and availability for ROTC

Step 7 – Indoor Drill Area –  (Minimum requirement of 7000 square feet) -Provide the following information.

Foot X foot measurements of the gym or other inside area that will be provided.

  • Will Be Available For Army ROTC Classes As Follows: – Explain availability for Army ROTC classes

Step 8 – Outdoor Drill Area (Minimum requirement of 20,000 square feet) –


  1. Describe the size of the outdoor drill are yards X yards.
  2. Explain the location of the outdoor drill area with respect to the offices and storeroom locations
  3. Explain frequency as to when the outdoor facility will be available to Army ROTC

Step 9 – Indoor Target Range –

  •  Number of Firing Points – List the number of firing points
  •  Will Be Under Jurisdiction Of- The name of under who’s jurisdiction will the indoor target range

Step 10 – Block 8 – Specify Health Or Dispensary Facilities And Personnel Which Will Be Available Annually For Military Type Physical Examinations Of Army ROTC Students


Step 11 – Block 9 – List Additional Facilities Such As Janitorial Service, Clerical Service And Any Others


Step 12 – Block 10 – Plan Of Campus, Showing Relative Location Of Facilities To Be Provided For The Army ROTC Program


Attach an additional sheet outlining the above requirements

Step 13 – Data Pertaining To Institution


Block 11 – Name of Institution

Block 12 – Complete mailing address and zip code

Block 13 – Army ROTC Training is to be conducted at any auxiliary or sub campus or at any locations  other than that stated above- explain fully

Block 14 – Type of institution- check appropriate boxes in block 14

Step 14 – Block 15 – List Agencies Which Accredit The Various Courses Given By Institution


  1. Regional
  2. Professional
  3. Other

Step 15 – Block 16


  1. Name the official designation of governing body
  2. Number of members

Step 16 – Block 17 – Name the official designation of head of institution.


Step 17 – Block 18 – Specify the annual rate (based on 2 semester or 3 quarters) of tuition and general fees for both resident and non-resident students.


Step 18 – Block 19 – Check the appropriate box stating whether the institution does or does not have a cooperative arrangement whereby the end of the junior year, students transfer to another institution at which after an additional two year work, they receive a degree. ( If it does, indicate the names of the institutions with which the arrangement exists)


Step 19 – Block 20 – Answer the questions by checking the appropriate boxes


State the total duration of the academic year exclusive of vacations and examinations- place the answer on the line

Step 20 – Block 21 – This institution confers earned degrees as follows- (Place an “x” in the appropriate column)


Step 21 – Block 22 – Specify the type or types of screening or college aptitude tests administered to all entering freshmen


Step 22 – Block 23 – Explain the extent to which all entering male/female freshmen are physically examined


Step 23 – Block 24 – This institution participated in the following- check the appropriate box


Training programs during WWll:

Describe any programs during this specific war time

Step 24- Block 25 – Indicate the status to be accorded the Army ROTC Unit within the institutional organization


Step 25 – Block 26 –  Is it contemplated that a band will be available for ROTC ceremonies


Check the appropriate box (yes or no) and…

State whether the band will be institutional or ROTC

Step 26 – Block 27 – Male/Female Enrollment (include only full time, regular, undergraduate, day students)


Place the number of students in each of the grade levels provided

Date (yyyy/mm/dd)

Typed Name And Title Of Applicant

Signature of Applicant



Step 27 – Prepare an original and five (5) copies of both the application (DA Form 918) and the agreement for establishment f an Army ROTC unit (DA Form 918). Submit both forms in the original and four copies and keep one copy of each form for institutional files

Comments- if more space is needed continue on the reverse side of page 3

These forms are fillable online or printable for manual use and/or sending.