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Download DA Form 872, also known as Requisition For Individual Officer Personnel. This form is used by Majors or Colonels to place an officer with specific needed strengths in specific areas where he/she is needed. Requisition must be implemented in a reasonable time frame for the incumbent to make sufficient personal arrangements.

Step 1 – Requisition Number –  Begin by placing the requisition number in the block at the top right of the form

Step 2 – Headquarters Of Origin And UIC

  • Enter the originating headquarters
  • Enter UIC

Step 3 – Organization, Duty Station And UIC

  • Enter the Organization
  • Enter the Duty Station And Address With Zip Code
  • Enter the UIC

Step 4 – Job Title

  • Enter job title
  • Enter line number or paragraph
  • Enter authorization document and data

Step 5 – Brief Job Description-

  • Enter a brief job description, including any duty information

Step 6 – Military/Civilian Schooling

  • Enter military schooling
  • Enter civilian schooling

Step 7 – In the blocks in a column to the right of the page, enter the following:

  • Grade- Enter current grade
  • Report Date – Enter the report date desired
  • Principal Position Specialty Code- Enter the Principal position specialty code
  • Skill Identifier – Enter said skill identifier.
  • Secondary Position Specialty Code – Enter the code for the Secondary Position Specialty
  • ASI- Enter ASI
  • Second ASI/LIC
  • Enter the second ASI or LIC

Step 8 – Security Clearance

  • Security clearance is required, enter security clearance, include Crypto/SI

Step 9 – Language

  • Enter language and the level of proficiency

Step 10 – AERB Validation Number

  • Enter the AERB validation number required

Step 11 – Concurrent Travel Status Code

  • Enter travel status code
  • Enter Remarks

Step 12 – Complete the blocks at the bottom of the form:

  • Incumbent’s Name
  • Grade
  • Branch
  • Control Specialty
  • Expected date of departure
  • Tour length
  • Typed name and grade or title of administrative officer
  • Admin officer’s telephone number with area code
  • Admin officer’s signature
  • Today’s date (yyyy/mm/dd format)


This form is fillable online or printable for manual use and/or sending.