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Download DA Form 8025-R, also known as  Larval Mosquito Identification. This is part of the United States Army’s pest surveillance program. Fill in all of the blocks of required information on this form to assist with the identification of collected mosquito larvae. Once completed, this form will remain with each specimen respectively.

How To Fill-In

Step 1 – Complete blocks 1 through 11 as follows:

  • 1. Installation (provide the installation name and location)
  • 2. Collection Number (enter the assigned collection number for this specimen)
  • 3. Collection Date (enter today’s date yyyy/mm/dd format)
  • 4. Collection Site (provide information with regard to the collection site ie: installation or natural habitat
  • 5. No/Dips (enter the number of dips performed)
  • 6. Collector (full name)
  • 7. Remarks (enter any remarks or observations that may be important to the process)
  • 8. Species Identified ( provide the identification of each species observed and/or collected)
  • 9. Number (enter the number of each species observed and/or collected)
  • 10. Identified By (full name of the person who identified the species even if it’s the same as the collector)
  • 11. Date (today’s date yyyy/mm/dd format)

Step 2 – Once the specimen is properly collected and this form is complete, be certain that the form(s) remain with the respective specimen(s) through testing