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Download DA Form 8024-R, also known as Larval Mosquito Collection. This is part of the United States Army’s pest surveillance program. This form will record information with regard to the collection of mosquito larvae. Specimens will be collected from either a collection site or a natural habitat. Fill in this form with all of the required information. Keep it with the specimen through testing.

How To Fill-In

Step 1 – Complete all of the required information, in blocks 1 through 8 as follows:

  • 1. Installation (enter the name of the installation and location where specimen is being collected)
  • 2. Collection Number (enter the assigned collection number)
  • 3. Collection Date (enter today’s date yyyy/mm/dd format)
  • 4. Collection Site/Habitat (enter the location of the collection site or natural habitat where the specimen(s) is/are being collected.
  • 5. Number Per Dip (enter the number of larvae present in the dip with each dip performed)
  • 6. Collector (full name)
  • 7. Remarks (enter any remarks or observations made that may be important with regard to the specimen(s)
  • 8. Supplies (list any needed supplies)

Step 2 – Once the specimen collections are collected and the form is completed, keep each form with each specimen respectively through testing.