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Download DA Form 8023-R, also known as Adult Mosquito Collection. This is part of the United States Army’s pest surveillance program. This is a small form that is goes with the specimen for testing.

How To Fill-In

Step 1 – Complete the entire Adult Mosquito Collection form as follows:

  • 1. Installation (name and location of installation where collections are taking place)
  • 2. Collection Number (enter the assigned collection number)
  • 3. Collection Date (enter today’s date yyyy/mm/dd format)
  • 4. Collection Method (enter the method in which the specimen is being collected)
  • 5. Collector (full name)
  • 6. Remarks (enter any remarks or observations that may be important to testing of the specimen or otherwise)
  • 7. Needed Supplies (list any supplies needed for this installation in block 7)

Step 2 – Once the form is completed and the specimen(s) is/are collected, keep the completed form with the specimen through the testing process.