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Download DA Form 8022-R, also known as Adult Mosquito Identification. This is part of the United States Army’s pest surveillance program. Although mosquito have some helpful qualities in the ecosystem, and must be preserved, they also are capable of carrying and giving harmful, sometimes even fatal diseases. Therefore it’s vital that surveillance is conducted often to ensure the safety and health of humans and animals. This form allows for the identification and important  information as well as collection from mosquito populations within traps and habitats.

How To Fill-In

Step 1 – Complete blocks 1 through 6 for administrative use:

  • 1. Installation –  (Provide the name of the installation from which observation and specimen collection is occurring)
  • 2.Collection Number (Enter the assigned collection number)
  • 3. Date (yyyy/mm/dd format)
  • 4. Collection Method (enter information with regard to how any specimen is collected)
  • 5. Location (provide the location of the installation where observation and specimen collection is occurring)
  • 6. Collector (full name)

Step 2 – Number 7 – Remarks:

  • 7. In the “remarks” section, enter any information regarding observation, collection of information, specimen collection and/or special information or request.

Step 3 – Sections 8 – Species and 9 – numbers of male and female:

  • 8. In block number 8. – record the mosquito species.
  • 9. In block number 9. – record each species as male or female if identifiable

Step 4 – Sections 10 – Identified By and 11 – Date:

  • 10. – Identified By (full name of the person making the identification)
  • 11. – Date (yyyy/mm/dd format)